Drainage Information

Drainage District 61 Main Open Ditch Improvement
Due to delayed responses from federal regulators regarding the requirements of the new Iowa Stream Mitigation policy upon proposed improvements to the DD61 Main Open Ditch and potential improvements to the outlet stream the continued hearing has been rescheduled to February 27th, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. at the Election Center in Emmetsburg, Iowa.


DD 15 N Engineer’s Report and DD 15 N Amendment

Drainage District 28 Preclassification Report

Drainage District 28 Engineer’s Report

DD#61 Lat B Cost Estimates

DD #19 Preliminary Engineer Report

DD 13 Annexation Report and DD 13 Annexation Large Map

DD 80 Lower Main Engineer Report

DD 80 Upper Main Engineer Report

DD 80 Branch F Engineer Report

Jt DD 63 Engineer Report

DD61 Lower Main Open Ditch Improvements Engineer’s Report and DD 61 Plans

DD61 Amendment 1 and Report Summary DD 61 and DD61 Amendment 2

DD41 Engineer Report

DD 47 Engineer Report

DD 57 Engineer’s Report

Drainage District Underground Crossing Utility Permit