Environmental Health

Joe Neary - the Dept Head for Environmental Health
Joe Neary, Dept Head for Environmental Health

Contact Information

Zoning and Environmental Health
2103 Main St
Suite 108
Emmetsburg, IA  50536

Phone: 712-852-3058

E-mail: paczeh@mchsi.com

Solid Waste

Transfer Station phone: 712-852-2482
Solid Waste Administrator: 712-852-3058
Fax: 712-852-4307

E-mail: paczeh@mchsi.com

The transfer station is located north of Emmetsburg on 450th Ave. Turn east from Highway 18 and 4 onto College drive. Turn North on 450th Ave for approximately 1 ½ miles.

Palo Alto County Watershed Septic Improvement Grant Program Application