County Services


Services Needed/Question Relates to: Department to Contact


Absentee Voting Auditor
ATV Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Birth Certificates Recorder
Boat Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Bridge Maintenance Engineer
Budget Information Auditor
Burning Permit Engineer
Candidate Filing Auditor
Check Property Value Assessor
Cigarette License Auditor
Claims & Warrants Auditor
Community Health Needs Community Health
Condemnations Recorder
Counseling Mental Health Mental Health
Criminal Investigations Sheriff
Death Certificates Recorder
Deeds Recorder
Deer & Turkey Licenses Recorder
Disaster Planning Emergency Management
Driver’s License Treasurer
Drainage Districts Auditor
Driving Record Sheriff
Easements Recorder
Elections Auditor
Emergency Operations Plan Emergency Management
Environmental Education Conservation
Federal & State Tax Liens Recorder
Fingerprint Cards Sheriff


 Genealogy Research Recorder
 Gun Permit Sheriff
 Habitat, Duck and Trout Stamps Recorder
 Hazardous Materials Education/Planning Environmental Health
 Homeland Security Emergency Management
 Hunting, Fishing & Fur Harvester Licenses Recorder
 Immunizations Community Health
 Jail Sheriff
 Landowner/Tenant Gun & Archery Permits Recorder
 License Plates Treasurer
 Liquor License Auditor


 Manure Management Plan Auditor
 Maps of Palo Alto County Engineer
 Marriage Certificates Recorder
 Marriage-Application to Marry Recorder
 Mental Illness Services Mental Health
 Military Service Records Recorder
 Narcotics Investigations Sheriff
 ORV/ORM Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Parks and Trails Conservation
Passport Applications Recorder
Plats & Surveys Recorder
Polling Places Auditor
Property Taxes Treasurer
Property Valuations Assessor
Recreation Areas Conservation
Report a Crime Sheriff
Road Repairs & Maintenance Engineer


 Snowmobile Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
 Supervisors Districts Auditor
 Tax Sale Information Treasurer
 Vehicle Registration Treasurer
 Vehicle Title Treasurer
 Victim Assistance Attorney
 Voter Registration Auditor
 Witness Assistance Attorney